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Strong DC cable with anti-interference carbon fiber housing, and conductive materials to upgrade your Hi-Fi power source.  


" strengthen power signal and diversify Hi-Fi enjoyment "

DC 效果图.png

Pure Cotton Woven Net

Pure Copper Metal Isolation Net


Single Core Wire

- Wire Inner Structure

Independent structure for positive and negative signals, reduce the interference between each other. 

Adopting pure cotton woven and pure copper metal isolation net to lower the electronic interference when transmitting power signal, and Teflon layer encircles the core wire material, making the transmission smooth and intact.

Pure copper gold-plated shell
Carbon fiber housing
External wiring material
Gold-plated plug

- Cable Terminal Structure

On the terminal side, both back and front parts adopt gold-plated material to lower the interference, middle part adopts tough carbon fiber material. 

Staunch and lightweight carbon fiber, 5 times stronger than steel, with high stiffness and tensile strength, heat reduction; friction resistance; chemical resistance, and owns good conductivity, making the terminal intrepid yet elastic.


- Zebra Plaid

Material Schematic

Pure Silver

Red Copper

Highlight the plump mid-low audio performance.

Dive into the music essence of Pop Music. 


- Black Tiramisu

Material Schematic

Red Copper

Pure Silver

Magnify the natural music dynamics.

Experience the groovy rhythms of Jazz Music. 


- Light Orange

Material Schematic

Red Copper

Red Copper

Balance the sound field of your Hi-Fi audio system.


Listen to the deep emotions of human vocal.


- Snowy White

Material Schematic

Pure Silver

Pure Silver

Bring out the melodious high-frequency sound experience.

Feel the ultimate clarity of Classical Music.

Pure copper gold-plated terminals

- Satisfy Your Music Tastes

With 4 different combinations, you can easily deploy your own favorite music setup.

Connecting to your linear power supply (e.g Forester F1), then to your music player or network switch, Bastei is able to carry the stable power signal to Hi-Fi audio devices completely and flavor the sound experience to fit your favorite music genre.

- Spatial Solutions

Bastei, DC upgrade cable, has 3 different lengths for your applications.

20 cm, for stacking up, suitable for small setup (e.g on the desk).

50 cm, for cross rack, suitable for medium setup (e.g in the den or living room).

150 cm, for deployment optimization, suitable for large setup (e.g multi-room system).

- Product Specifications -

Light Orange        ;  Zebra Plaid         ;  Black Tiramisu         ;  Snowy White 

(DC) 5V

5.5 x 2.1 mm DC plug

Operating 0 ~ 35 °C; Storage -20 ~ 70 °C

Operating: 10% ~ 90% RH (non-condensing)

Storage: 5% ~ 95% RH (non-condensing)

Light Orange

- B05V020RR (20 cm); B05V050RR (50 cm); B05V150RR (150 cm) 

Zebra Plaid

- B05V020RS (20 cm); B05V050RS (50 cm); B05V150RS (150 cm) 

Black Tiramisu

- B05V020SR (20 cm); B05V050SR (50 cm); B05V150SR (150 cm)

Snowy White

- B05V020SS (20 cm); B05V050SS (50 cm); B05V150SS (150 cm)

If the positive and negative poles of the DC cable are connected reversely, it won't burn out while the voltage is within the rated voltage range, as the resistor has no directions.

But as the current direction is not the same as the cable should be presenting, it would affect the sound quality of the audio system, given that, Silent Angel team strongly suggests connecting the cable to the DC power supply the way it shows to have the optimal audio experience.





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