Flexibly Mighty Connection

Balance the sound field of your audio system.


Listen to the deep emotions of Blues Music.

Light Orange
Material Schematic

Red Copper

Red Copper

Wire Material
Independent isolation structure for positive and negative signals.
DC 效果图.png

Pure Cotton Woven Net

Pure Copper Metal Isolation Net


Single Core Wire

Intrepid & Anti-noise DC Connector
Carbon fiber housing, elegant exterior, anti-interference, tough texture, high strength.
Pure copper gold-plated terminals
External wiring material
Pure copper gold-plated shell
Carbon fiber shell
Gold-plated plug
Bastei Terminals

Carbon fiber, staunch and lightweight, five-times stronger than steel and twice as stiff, high in stiffness, high in tensile strength, high in chemical resistance, low weight to strength ratio, low thermal expansion, temperature tolerant to excessive heat, widely applied on manufacturing high-tech as aerospace, automotive, and military.

High temperature resistance, friction resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent electrical conductivity, heat conduction.

Independently isolated cable structure for both positive signal and negative, preferentially oriented along the fiber axis, it has high strength and modulus.


Series Name: Bastei 

Dimensions: 20cm / 50cm / 150cm

Color: Light Orange / Zebra Plaid / Black Tiramisu / Snowy White

Terminals: Pure copper gold-plated + Carbon fiber

Product Notice:

If the positive and negative poles of the DC cable are connected reversely, it won't burn out while the voltage is within the rated voltage range, as the resistor has no directions.

But as the current direction is not the same as the cable should be presenting, it would affect the sound quality of the audio system, given that, Silent Angel team strongly suggests connecting the cable to the DC power supply the way it shows to have the optimal audio experience.