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Bonn N8

Audio grade network switch with low-noise, less-interference, and high-precision clock techniques to build
 a Hi-Fi network system.


" the essential part of sound optimization "

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TCXO - Clock signal

Highly accurate clock module effectively improve the latency issues and jitter impact.
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EMI - Filtering technique

High-permeability EMI absorber embedded to eliminate the inner electronic noise.
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Power adapter - Medical grade

Generating stable power source under the high-speed networked environment to provide better signal quality.

- Designed for HD Music Streaming Enjoyment 

An ideal solution to create an isolated network setup dedicated to audio uses. 

Purified audio network signal with low-noise, less-interference, high-precision clock control, to build up an enhanced source infrastructure for your Hi-Fi audio system.


- Enjoy The Greater Sound Quality

Under the inevitably future trend of full digital music services, an audio network switch could certainly help you upgrade the experience, network is the key.

Reduce interruptions from household network traffics, lower the impact from other networked appliances, electrical noise rejection technology both on the clock module and power board, all built for Hi-Fi enjoyment, and equipped with 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports to proficiently connect to your router and NAS(Synology, QNAP, Seagate, WD...).

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- Specially Refined Main Board

High-Permeability EMI Absorber

- Adopting specially chosen EMI absorber embedded to eliminate high frequency electrical noise while transmitting Gigabit network signal to sensitive audio devices.

Noise-filtering Power Adapter

- Reformed-circuit design to reduce the mechanical noise, with medical grade power adapter to generate the stabilized power to carry high-frequency network data.


- Silent Angel Exclusive Clock Module

Specially Developed TCXO

- Silent Angel's 0.1ppm Temperature Compensation crystal Oscillator is highly accurate, 50 times precise than a general Crystal Clock, lower the latency issue and jitter effect.

Jitter Effect Improvement

- Jitter effect can cause music data distortion as transmitting high-frequency network signal, Bonn N8 lowering down the effect to 369ps when most general switch presents at 705ps.


Signal Input

Signal Output

Bonn N8 

The jitter effect is down to 369ps 


Stabilized power source signal 


General Switch 

The jitter effect is high as 705ps 


Chaotic power source signal 


- Superb Combination 

Get powered by Forester F1, linear power supply.

Bonn N8 is able to perform to its fullest, generating the purer and clearer network signal with stabilized power operation.


- Vibration Suppression 

Sitting above S28, stainless steel stand. 

Bonn N8 is able to avoid any possible physical vibration by using S28 as stands.


- Series Connection Upgrade

Connect to another Bonn N8 in series.

The messy network signal from router would get purified stabilized through 2 Bonn N8s, in order to serve better signal performance.

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Music Server

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Bonn N8​

- Product Specifications -


5.5 x 2.1 mm plug; (DC) 5V/1A at max

5W at max

1000Mbps Ethernet port*8

Power LED (Green)*1

Alarm LED (Red)*1

Port Status LED (Link / Activity)*8

Operating 32 ~ 86 °F; Storage -4 ~ 158 °F

Operating: 10% ~ 90% RH (non-condensing)

Storage: 5% ~ 95% RH (non-condensing)

6.09(W) inch x 1.03(H) inch x 3.35(D) inch

1.11 Ibs

Power Use: 


LED Indicator: 






Power Input: 

- Package Specifications -


Power Adaptor*1 

Ethernet Cable*1

Quick Start Guide*1

Warranty Card*1

250 x 220 x 70 mm

0.85 KG




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