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Forester F1

Stable linear power supply with highly accurate duo DC outputs, 
and low-noise technique to bring digital music to life.  


" bring back the music nature in Hi-Fi music "


- Designed for Hi-Fi Audio Power Source 

A great solution to power high-frequency Hi-Fi audio system, adjust the optimal condition for sound quality. 

Power is the bloodstream to all electronic devices, and it's especially crucial for the highly sensitive Hi-Fi audio equipment, being stable, being less-noise, having low power consumption, presenting the audio nature.


- Silent Guardian to True Sound Enjoyment

Although human ears could't hear the electronic noise, but it exists, and it can interfere the signal transmission, which would lead to damaged sound quality.

Fully symmetric toroidal-transformer-formed circuit, low-noise MOSFET paralleled to lower inner electronic interference, and adopts thick CNC exterior to reduce the machine vibration, being professionally silent for your music experience.

- Fully-Symmetric Designed Main Circuit

Silent Angel Forester Power Expertise

- Symmetric toroidal transformers, and low-noise MOSFET paralleled to consolidate the accuracy of power output also ensures stable power supplying, and lower the consumption.

High-Permeability EMI Absorber

- Adopting specially chosen EMI absorber embedded to eliminate high frequency electrical noise, especially when transforming AC power to DC then to the sensitive Hi-Fi audio devices.

- CNC Processing Thick Exterior

Substantial Material Shell

- Facing the high-frequency networked audio system setup, even the tiniest vibration can cause interference, adopting CNC processing technique to eliminate mechanical noise effectively. 

- Sufficient Power Supply

Duo DC 5V/2A Output

- Equipped with duo DC 5V/2A output to amplify the flexibility, one for music streamer; one for network switch, easily forming a Hi-Fi source system to enjoy better music experience.


- Superb Combination 

Tailored for Bonn N8, audio network switch.


Forester F1 is able to perform to its fullest, generating stabilized and natural power signal to carry high-frequency network data.

13268717089209032 (3)_edited.jpg

- Audio Power Upgrade

Power for Munich Series, Hi-Fi music streamer.


Forester F1 can level up the performance of music streamer tremendously by serving stable quality power signal.


- Adjust Hi-Fi Power Source 

As an outstanding liner power supply for all sensitive Hi-Fi audio devices in your household.

To make the chaotic AC from your wall become organized and smooth, then adjust any DC-required equipment to optimize audio performance and sound quality.

Forester F1+2 N8.png

- Product Specifications -


IEC (AC) 100-120V or 220-240V, 0.5A at max


(DC) 5V/2A plug*2, 5.5 x 2.1 mm

(DC) 5V/2A USB2.0 Type-A*2

Output1 Status (Green)*1; Output2 Status (Green)*1

Output1 Over Temperature (Red)*1

Output2 Over Temperature (Red)*1

Operating 32 ~ 86 °F; Storage  -4 ~ 158 °F

Operating: 10% ~ 90% RH (non-condensing)

Storage: 5% ~ 95% RH (non-condensing)

6.11(W) inch x 2.28(H) inch x 4.82(D) inch

3.53 lbs

Power Use: 


LED Indicator: 




Power Input: 



- Package Specifications -


Power Cord*1 

5.5 x 2.1 mm DC Plug Cable*2

Quick Start Guide*1

Warranty Card*1

245 x 215 x 110 mm

2.1 KG




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