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High-Resolution Audio

The lossless sound performing the optimal music quality in your ears, now check the music services below to get a real brilliant Hi-Res experience.

Music Ecstasy Indeed!

Giving You The Most Phenomenal Soundtracks to Listen. 

Grab hi-end headphones or gear up a home sound system and explore what Hi-Res Audio presents.

Visit, Purchase, Download, Enjoy.

Different styles, different periods, different emotions, all for you. 

Convenience, Quality, Texture, Feeling.

Digital streaming has changed the way people listen to music, it's totally more convenient for who are looking for an easier method to play music, hi-res audio leads you to reach a new level of streaming music enjoyment.


Tidal - With our lossless audio experience and high-fidelity sound quality. No compromises. Just pure sound.

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With our library of over 70 million tracks and 250,000 videos, you’ll get the ultimate music experience.

Blue Coast Records - Our live-in-the-studio recordings combine exceptional musicianship with the highest audio quality. 

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Whether you’re listening on headphones, streaming from your phone or relaxing in your music cave, you’ll hear the difference.

With Silent Angel to Realize Your Great Music Ecstasy.

Better sound, better life.

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Rhein Z1

Core Music Sever 

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