Technological Innovations

Specially Reformed Main Circuit.


(Power Board) Electrical noise rejection rate 17dB, (Clock Module) Electrical noise rejection rate 20dB.

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TCXO - Clock signal
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EMI - Filtering technique
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Medical grade adapter - F1

Steady Supply

Functioning with Forester F1.


To have Gigabit network transmission work smoothly as flowing the data.

Series Connection

Applying 2 network switches.


Heighten up the signal quality by doubling up the network purification.

Specially Developed TCXO

- Silent Angel's 0.1ppm Temperature Compensation crystal Oscillator is highly accurate, 50 times precise than a general Crystal Clock.

Jitter Effect Improvement

- While the network signal transmitting music data, jitter can cause serious data distortion.

Boon N8 lowering down the effect to 369ps.

General switch presents at 705ps.

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High Permeability EMI Absorber

Adopting specially chosen EMI absorber embedded to eliminate high frequency electrical noise while transmitting Gigabit network signal.

Power Noise Filtering

- Reformed circuit design to reduce the mechanical noise, with medical grade power adapter to generate purified power source to network data.

Bonn N8 

(Jitter Effect / Power Signal)


General Switch 

(Jitter Effect / Power Signal)


 Purer & Clearer


Signal Input

Signal Output

Panel Features

  • Light indicators at front panel including power, alarm, link status and link speed of 8 ports. Make it convenient to know the status of network devices.

  • Eight audio grade 100/1000 Base-T gigabit Ethernet ports at rear panel, suitable for your network audio devices and all your home network appliances.

  • Equipped with exchangeable AC plug and medical grade power adaptor, the power efficiency level is as high as VI and no load power consumption < 0.075W. Complete protection circuit design featuring short circuit, over load, over voltage protection

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