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Orbiter Plugin

Enable Rhein Z1 to have music playback feature,
a great application on 
VitOS Orbiter.


- Turn music sever into music player -




Rhein Z1
Core Music Server


- Orbiter Plugin

Mainly designed for audio devices based on VitOS.

An important functionality in VitOS Orbiter,  it's able to make Silent Angel

Rhein Z1 turn into a music player, which is a significant breakthrough, let the high-performance music server play Hi-Fi music playbacks without efforts, simply control by your fingertips. 


- Configure Your Device

Go to VitOS Orbiter to find your audio device.

After the configuration completed, Rhein Z1 music sever will be capable of playing any music you like and using any streaming services which are integrated into VitOS Orbiter, TIDAL, Qobuz, Amazon HD, and so on.


- Setting Up 

Click " Device Settings " to see the wating list.


- Choosing Your Rhein Z1

Find your Rhein Z1, and click " Control " to see more information.


- Presenting Metadata

Given USB Audio is Rhein Z1''s main audio output, you can see the thorough 

information of it, including it's sampling rate with PCM & DSD formats.


- Sit back, Relax, Enjoy

Now the Orbiter Plungin function is ready for you.

Enjoy the better quality of Hi-Fi music playing through Rhein Z1, as it's become a music player, you can truly experience the audio powers it entails, an exceptional music computer at your service.

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