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Jun 28, 2021
In General Discussion
***Read First*** Hi, all the audiophiles and who are turning into audiophile, here is the audio wonderland for you to share all your musically valuable insights and experiences, we're more than honored to have you here to discuss with us and all other members, the main goal of this forum is to present a wholesome platform for all the audiophiles and who are turning into audiophile to share the audio knowledge to each other, although we sincerely suggest all the members here discuss about the products of Silent Angel, and how we provide the audio solutions to your system, but you can still share other brands' products or how you apply them to match our products, music is the common filed, we'd love to see a versatile audio world here, hope you respect that! However, all the commercial activities are banned here, you can feel free to discuss about other products, but you can't post any advertisements or business campaigns, the administrator owns the right to delete all commercial-related contents, if the situation happens too much, we're deeply sorry, we will remove your account, as this is the Silent Angel Audio Forum, we encourage the members talk more about our products, hope you respect that! And all the personal information won't be revealed, all the members can feel 100% secure to give your personal opinions or individual perspectives here, but if the topic or comments appear to be too aggressive or insulting, we might remove them, we'd love to run a peaceful, musical, informative forum to the members, to learn, to grow, to enjoy together, hope you respect that! And Silent Angel team is not responsible for any personal transactions and controversial conversations, if something illegal unfortunately does happen, we'd resort to lawful actions to deal with, please understand that, we perform a free place for all the audiophiles and who are turning into audiophile here to discuss, but we don't represent any party here, hope you respect that! And please ensure your posts are in the English, posts in other languages will be moderated. If you have any further inquiries, feel free to contact us! Pleasure to be a part of you great music journey! Facebook: Linkedin: Twitter: Please read thoroughly before you start to post a comment or topic. Silent Angel at your service_Better sound, better life.
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Silent Angel Audio

Silent Angel Audio

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