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Rhein Z1

High-performance music server with superior audio grade
SSD, and enhanced main board to process music data losslessly.  


" present the audio essence of Hi-Fi music "

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- Designed for ultimate Hi-Fi sound enjoyment 

A dedicated music-oriented computer, all the designs and technologies are created for lossless sound enjoyment. 

The audio source is crucial for a wholesome Hi-Fi audio system, to process the high-res music data; to integrate other audio gears; to keep the the essence of music, Rhein Z1 is qualified to fulfill all those audio tasks and can be a Roon Core to serve multi-room system, optimized by its operating system, VitOS.


- Expert thermal solution to reduce interference 

The CNC processing chassis made of ingeniously aerospace Industrial grade aluminum alloy, fan-less technique, and the whole upper case as CPU heat-sink .

Firm as a music fortress, exquisite as a true craftsmanship, fan-less technique makes no machine noise, and adopting the whole upper case as CPU heat-sink can lower 15% thermal noise in result, silent angel for your ultimate music experience.


- Specially Built Main Board

Dedicated Circuit for Audio Usage

- Low noise technique and shorter transmission path for high quality music playback, having smoother and purer music processing.

- Ulltra-low CPU power consumption (as 6W) to reduce electrical noise from main processor, and make the signal transmission more stable.

High-Permeability EMI Absorber

- Adopting specially chosen EMI absorber embedded to eliminate high-frequency electrical noise from 1MHz to 100MHz in internal digital circuits and components, including DRAM, CPU, and so on.

_MG_1820 (1).png

- Exclusive Audio Grade SSD

Noise Reduction and Signal Optimization

- Supporting dual SSD, while using low power consumption M.2 SATA SSD can lower the electrical noise on power rail.

- The new internal storage board provides pure SSD power source, greatly reducing the SATA signal transmission path to only 2cm. 

Customized Applications

- 250GB specialized SSD for system disk; 1TB and 2TB specialized SSD for data disk, up to 2 simultaneous zones for multi-room streaming application, also can function as a NAS(Network Attached Storage).


- Home Audio System Core

The audio source is vital for an advanced digital streaming system.

With its audio expertise and powerful OS, not only the inner designs, also the external applications, Rhein Z1 is able to present the true audio essence in a large scale home audio system.


- As Roon Core 

With high-efficiency OS, VitOS, to function as a Roon Core server to perform the HD music services to the fullest.


Rhein Z1 can work as a Roon Core server to optimize the digital streaming experience, and serve multi-room audio setup, all for ultimate sound enjoyment, make you immerse in a home concert.


- Optimal Audio Integration

As an exceptional music server to cooperate with other audio devices to optimize sound enjoyment.


Adopting 1000Mbps Ethernet interface, you can easily connect it to a audio switch or a NAS, also equipped with high sampling rate USB Audio port to connect to external DAC to process high-res music data.

- VitOS -

Audio operating system designed for music servers that focuses on Hi-Fi streaming services.

VitOS improves machine efficiency, performance stability and network latency.

- Block Diagram

1. Dual Firmware: Prevent from being damaged while firmware upgrade.

2. Network Accelerator: Accelerated network processing.

3. USB Audio Optimizer: Optimized USB Audio processing.

4. Task Manager: High efficiency task management.

5. Application Manager: To expand more and more application.

6. System Manager: Event-trigger design gets lowest system loading.

- VitOS Manager
Mobile app for VitOS

1. Discover and configure the network settings of Z1.
2. Install and manage add-on packages on VitOS, including Roon Server (Roon Core and Roon Bridge), Spotify Connect, DLNA renderer & server,  and Orbiter Plug-in,... etc. on Z1.
3. Import the music files from an USB hard drive to Z1's internal disk by Music Importer feature. 
4. Back up the stored music files to an external USB hard drive by Music Backup feature.

5. Firmware update.

接口连接图示_画板 1.png

- Product Specifications -

Black        ;  Silver 

(DC) 12V/3A at max

36W at max

USB Audio

- supports up to DSD 11.2M (DSD256), but DoP (only up to DSD64, depends on DAC)
Native DSD up to DSD256


USB3.0*1,  USB2.0*2 for extra storage 

1000Mbps Ethernet Port

- works well with high-performance NAS(Network Attached Storage)

connecting to Gigabit LAN port of a router or audio switch


- engineer test only (Do Not Use)

Power LED (Blue)*1

Operating 32 ~ 86 °F; Storage -4 ~ 158 °F

Operating: 10% ~ 90% RH (non-condensing)

Storage: 5% ~ 95% RH (non-condensing)

7.87(W) inch x 2.56(H) inch x 7.87(D) inch

8.27 Ibs

Power Use: 


LED Indicator: 




Power Input: 



- Package Specifications -


Power Adaptor*1

Power Cord*1

Ethernet Cable*1

Quick Start Guide*1

Warranty Card*1

350 x 245 x 170 mm

6.35 KG




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