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+ Rhein Z1

Your Hi-Fi Spot

How to Optimally Play?


Smart Phone + Bluetooth Speaker / WiFi Speaker

The limitations

  • Indirect music streaming path, music pass through the phone, disconnected when the phone off..

  • Interrupted by applications running on mobile phone.

  • Bluetooth bandwith limitation (Even when BLE 5.0 is 24Mbps)

Enhanced Spotify Music Experience 

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Z1 (with Spotify Connect) + Audio System

Major Improvements

  • Z1 with hardware designed specifically for HiFi music direct stream to HiFi system.

  • Mobile phone work as a contol panel, seamless user experience integration.

  • Remote control with Spotify connect even you are not at home.

VitOS Architecture Enhancement for Spotify Connect


Spotify Certified 
Spotify Connect module is Spotify provided and Certified. 

High End Music Buffer 
VitOS in Z1 allocates 512MB high capacity 530MB/s ultra fast SSD storage for Spotify music buffering. 

Direct and Highly Stable Music Path 
Z1 directly gets music streaming data from Spotify streaming server. Music data are also buffered in Z1 and output to USB DAC through a highly stable path: 
• Spotify Server (Source) 
• Spotify Connect 
• VitOS Network Accelerator 
• Spotify Connect 
• VitOS USB Audio Optimizer 

The VitOS Network Accelerator and VitOS USB Audio Optimizer provide the short and highly stable path for the music data from Spotify to pass and processed to the USB DAC. It has been measured that it is 25% more stable than a generic Linux system. Meanwhile, VitOS Task Manager protects the high 

Spotify Music You Have Never Heard Before

Never Heard Before
  1. VitOS makes Spotify Music playback more stable and reveals huge music information in the Spotify Music.

   2. With Z1 + Spotify Connect + Hi-Fi system, you will found albums in Spotify Music are totally different. Like a

   brand new album that you never heard.


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