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Ultra HD / HD HDR Video Livecasting / VoD



Live UHD Delivery


Silent Angel Network Switch

8K TV Set

Berliner Philharmoniker

Digital Concert Hall


P2P storage and streaming network

Consists of Silent Angel

Computing Devices


Audio System Solution

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Silent Angel Network Switch

Silent Angel Music Player

Rhein Z1 + Spotify Connect

  • Simplified and direct music streaming path

  • Z1 directly connects to Spotify streaming server when playing back music.

  • Uses smartphone with Spotify app as a remote controller. 

  • Z1 continues to playback Spotify music even when smartphone are power off. 

  • When the Spotify Connect is playing music, smartphone can still control the music playback even when smartphone is not at home network.


Your Hi-Fi Spot
to ultimate audio enjoyment through Spotify Music

 Practical Scenarios

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Better sound, better life.

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