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VitOS - Stream The World Without Limitations

VitOS series is an audio operating system expertly developed to execute all digital streaming applications.

Low-latency, optimized UI, built for Hi-FI audio streaming, versatile services integrated, online streaming platforms and internet radios, experience a better music playing system. 

Wi-Fi Control, Hi-Fi Play

螢幕擷取畫面 2021-12-20 094909.png

VitOS Manager

Control Rhein Series, high-performance music server

螢幕擷取畫面 2021-12-20 094926.png

VitOS Orbiter

Control Munich Series, Hi-Fi music streamer

螢幕擷取畫面 2021-12-20 094937.png

VitOS Lite

Control Bremen Series, 
wireless music streamer

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Committed to unleash the true power of digital streaming - Hi-Fi Music Solution

FLAC, DSD, DSD, ALAC, it's time to exceed CD quality!

- Network Signal Optimization -

purify network quality, ensure a high quality
isolated network transmission only for lossless music data.


A new era of music playing

- Stable Power Source -

stabilize power signal and anti-vibration technique, serve the stable data transmission under high-frequency network setup.

- Power Connection Upgrade -

solidify power transmission, anti-interference connector built for insulate electronic noise.


Silent Angel Domain

Audio Grade Hardware. Low-latency Software. Hi-Fi Everywhere.


Craftsmanship in The Era of Digital Music Revolution


We provide an exclusive wholesome Hi-Fi ecosystem for you, we're

committed to realize your digital streaming enjoyment, there's no need 

to hesitate, you deserve a better sound experience, with Silent Angel,

you could effortlessly enter the audiophile world, from the expert

operating system to audio grade equipment, we've taken care of all for

you, all you need is give it a listen, then you'll know the difference.

- Better sound, better life.

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