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Music Server

Rhein Series

High-performance music server with superior audio grade
SSD, and enhanced main board to process music data losslessly.  


Music Streamer

Munich Series

Hi-Fi network music streamer with bulit-in Hi-Fi DAC &
Headphone Amp to fulfill versatile audio applications.   

_MG_4483 (2).JPG

Music Streamer

Bremen Series

Network music streamer with built-in DAC & Headphone Amp to play quality music via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection.   


Network Switch

Bonn Series

Audio grade network switch with low-noise, less-interference, and high-precision clock techniques to build a Hi-Fi network system.


Power Supply

Forester Series

Stable linear power supply with highly accurate DC outputs, 
and low-noise technique to bring digital music to life.  


DC Cable

Bastei Series

Strong DC cable with anti-interference carbon fiber housing, and conductive materials to upgrade your Hi-Fi power source.  


Music Storage

Expander Series

Ultra-high capacity external hard drive HDD to store lossless music data, noise-reduction and anti-vibration techniques and with USB3.0 connector to be compatible with most Hi-Fi audio devices.

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